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Korbmacher-Museum Dalhausen

Volkshochschul- Zweckverband 
Diemel - Egge -Weser

Ursula und Hansgert
Die Manufaktur für Korb- Möbel und Geflecht.

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Korbmacherinnung Düsseldorf


a cooperation of:

Korbmacher-Museum Dalhausen


Volkshochschul- Zweckverband

Diemel - Egge -Weser


Ursula und Hansgert


Die Manufaktur für Korb- Möbel und Geflecht.


supported by:

Korbmacherinnung Düsseldorf




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General Information:


All events take place at Korbmacher Museum Dalhausen,

Lange Reihe 23,

37688 Beverungen - Dalhausen

Weserbergland / Germany



We think that anyone who works creatively needs good food.

A delicious vegetarian lunch can be booked prior to the seminar.

Well known for its quality,  Bruns´ country inn will provide the food.

Drinks are offered all day.

The cost is 10, - €  (its not included in the course fee.)

You can pay on site.


All material costs are paid directly to the instructor on site.


We like to assist in arranging accommodation.

Ask us ( see below) or the staff of the Tourist Info Beverungen

Phone: 0049 (0) 5273 / 392-221


Applications and booking:

Registrations are now open and will be accepted

only at the VHS Beverungen office.

Please contact:

Christina Lippemeyer

Weserstrasse. 16

37688 Beverungen

Phone: 0049 (0) 5273 / 392-125

e-mail: vhs@beverungen.de

Special terms and conditions of the VHS

There are special terms and conditions for the "Academy Flechtsommer 2017" deviating from the regular VHS conditions.

Registrations are only possible in writing.

You will receive an invoice after registration;

Your registration becomes binding only after the full participation fee has been paid to the VHS account.

Cancellations will be accepted only in justified cases submitted in writing 10 working days before the start of the course.

Only in this case a 30% reimbursement will be made.

There is no discount or reduction of fees possible at „Akademie Flechtsommer“.

For more information in english please phone:

basketmaker Hansgert Butterweck: 0049 (0) 56 45 / 99 54

or contakt us by email:


About us:

Das Korbmacher - Museum - The Basketmakers - Museum - in Dalhausen documents  the impressive local basket-making tradition.

You see the great baskets, which were sold all over Germany, Europe and even oversees to the USA. Discover the everyday live of the basketmakers from the 19th century until today. See original baskets, workshops, tools  and lots of historic photographs.

You can also buy local handmade baskets and woven furniture  - made by Ursula and Hansgert Butterweck - in our shop.

But more than that, a group of volunteers makes the Basketmakers - Museum a very lively place and a cultural centre of the region.

It is well known for its program, which knows no thematic boundaries.

We offer:

- music - folk, rock, jazz, pop and classical music live in concert

- art exhibitions like painting, sculpture, performance, photography and other genre

- literature and readings,

- crafts and design,

- education and entertainment for adults and children

In 2017 we like to continue the Akademie Flechtsommer which started in 2014 with a wide range of basketmaking courses by local and international tutors.

The Volkshochschule (VHS) Beverungen support us with their infrastructure and experience.

The historical site provides a special setting.

Have a look at:


Where we are:

The little town Dalhausen (near Beverungen) is embedded in the beautiful and romantic landscape of the Weserbergland in central Germany.

Surrounded by historic towns, cultural monuments, great manufactures and museums. The lovely scenery along the river Weser and the deep forests of the Solling-Vogler area are just around the corner. People come for hiking, biking, canoeing and relaxing in this peaceful region, in which is so much to discover.

Find more touristic information on the web.



221215   Galician: rectangular willow baskets from Galicia (2 days)


  Karen Gossart / France


This technique from Galicia/Spain is easy to learn and offers a wide range of  varieties. So we can do  more than one basket during the course.

Beginners and more advanced basketmakers welcome.

Participant limit (max. 6!)

A great opportunity to learn in a small group!

Monday, 11.9. to Tuesday 12.9.,10.00-17.00 h;

Fees: 198,00 € (incl. Material)

221201   traditional split-wood baskets from Galicia / Spain (3-days)


Carlos Fontales / Spain


Carlos will teach the traditional chestnut split-wood baskets of the Galician countryside north west of Spain.

We will concentrate on preparing the wood and the splitting process as well as the weaving techniques.


10 Students max.

Wednesday 31.5. to Friday, 2.6., 10.00-16.00

Fees: 290,00 € including approx. 50.- € for materials

Students are asked to bring:

a two handle knife, a wooden hammer and a big Knife for splitting the wood.

For details please download the information sheet:


221205   spiral weave


Kerstin Eikmeier


In this course we will practice some creative varieties of the spiral weave.

Monday, 31.7., 10.00-16.00 h;

Fees: 49,00 €

(plus approx.10,00 € Material)

221206 planting Pyramids


Kerstin Eikmeier


For everything striving upward or climbing downwards, we weave practical climbing aids.

Tuesday, 1.8., 10.00-16.00 h;

Fees: 49,00 €

(plus approx. 10,00 € Material)

221207 woven leaves and blossoms


Kerstin Eikmeier


We weave a colourful bouquet of many willow woven plants for the balcony or garden.

Wednesday, 2.8., 10.00-16.00 h;

Fees: 49,00 €

(plus approx. 10,00 € Material)

221208 frame baskets


Ursula Butterweck, Hansgert Butterweck


In this traditional and easy to learn technique, frames form a structure, that will be woven with unpeeled willow to a basket.

Monday, 7.8., 10.00-16.00 h;

Fees: 69,00 €

(plus approx. 20,00 € Material)

221209  basket weaving for beginners and improvers (2 days)


Ursula Butterweck, Hansgert Butterweck  

Woven bases, staking up, different weaving techniques, rimbs, handles etc.

We focus at the basic techniques of traditional willow work. 

They will be taught by the example of a round willow basket and we will have a closer look at the details.

Beginners can try, experienced weaver can improve their techniques.

Tuesday, 8.8. to Wednesday 9.8., 10.00-16.00 h;

Fees: 139,00 €

(plus approx.  20,00 € Material)

221210   improve your basket making techniques,

because „only practice makes perfect“

(3 days)


  Ursula Butterweck, Hansgert Butterweck


In this seminar the skills in willow basketmaking you might have learned in previous courses can be practiced, deepened and improved individually.

Round, oval or rectangular baskets, whose bases, borders, handles, forms and details can be practiced and internalised.

At least 3 weeks prior to the seminar the content of the course will be discussed with the instructor and then determined and prepared individually.

So we want to respond to the individual needs of each participant as far as possible

Thursday 10.8. to Saturday, 12.8., 10.00-16.00 h

Fees: 198,00 € (plus approx.  25,00 € )

221211 fine work- willow skein work (5 days)


  Esmé Hofman / Netherlands


The workshop is suitable for beginners and advance basketmakers, It is preferable if participants have some basketry knowledge but not a must. We start with making and preparing willow skeins on a traditional German skeining bank by hand. Normally beginners will weave a dish, a napping ring or a platter using a wooden mould. Participants  can choose between different patterns. Students can always contact me if they have a question or a different idea.   Language german, english and some french is possible.

On my website  www.esmehofman.nl you can see my work.

Monday, 14.8. to Friday, 18.8., 10.00-16.00 h;

Fees: 350,00 € (incl. Material)

221212  exploring creative techniques, structures and mixed materials (2 days)


 Mai Hvid Jørgensen / Danmark


Mai will give a hand to explore different materials and  weaving techniques.

The combinations of structures and colours will create unique baskets and handbags.

Fell free to create something new and unexpected.


Friday, 1.9. to Saturday 2.9.;  10.00-17.00 h;

Fees: 198,00 € (incl. Material, Leather extra)

This course is now completly booked!

There will be an extra course from Monday 4.9. to Tuesday 5.9.2017.

Same place, same subject, same conditions.

221213   Baskodenn - willow baskets from Brittany (2 days)


 François Desplanches / France


The Baskodenn is a traditional and iconic willow basket use in the fishing industry in Brittany. Only a small number of basketmakers are familiar to this special technique. First we have to make a jig than we have to prepare and split the willow before we can start weaving.

The handle is another interesting details. In this course we are going to make a small and a bigger Baskodenn.

We love to present this course about this unique and fascinating traditional craft. Participant limit (max. 5!) A great opportunity to learn in a small group

Tuesday, 12.9. to Wednesday 13.9.; 10.00-17.00 h;

Fees: 198,00 €

(you can buy the wooden jig for 25,00 € after the course.)

221214   Vannerie de Périgord - Bouyricou

                 (2 days)


  Corentin Laval / France


Périgourdin (Bouyrico) - french spiral baskets

It is the 4th time that Corentin is teaching this fascinating weaving technique at Akademie Flechtsommer, because it has been always a great success.

This course requires experience in weaving with willow.

Participant limit (max. 6!)

A great opportunity to learn in a small group!

Wednesday, 13.9. to Thursday 14.9., 10.00-17.00 h Fees: 198,00 € (incl. Material)